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Posted September 9, 2019 by dome BEAUTY


Hate the idea of wearing dead animal products on your face? Here are some of the best places to buy vegan makeup online

By Bona Kim

Over the last few years, the word “vegan” has been buzzing around various different industries. What was once thought to be “hippie” and “alternative” has now become mainstream, with 3.5 million people in the UK and 1.6 million people in the USA identifying as being vegan – and these numbers are continuing to rise each year. The Economist has even declared 2019 as “The Year of the Vegan”.

The food industry was quick to pick up on the growing trend, and today, supermarkets offer vegan alternatives to our favourite pantry staples. With more people becoming more conscious about the things they put into their bodies, it makes sense that they are becoming more concerned about the things they slather on their faces as well.

But bear in mind that just because a product is labelled “vegan”, it does not necessarily mean that it is also cruelty-free – the two are not the same. Simply put, vegan beauty products do not contain any animal ingredients, while cruelty-free means that animal testing wasn’t involved in the creation of the product – though it may contain animal parts and products.

It may seem like a tedious task to unpack the ingredients list of all the products we have in our beauty cabinets and makeup bags. Luckily, many websites have made it easier for us to find vegan makeup online that is 100% free of all animal products.

Here is a list of 10+ of the best places to buy vegan makeup online. They may not all be purely vegan makeup stores, but they will all have a decent offering of vegan products. Just click the title links to get shopping!

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