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Meet dome BEAUTY’S Geneva Fong

Posted October 14, 2017 by Madeline Makoul

Two years into school she was at a crossroads: should she follow her path to become a lawyer, or should she completely flip the script and become a makeup artist? I’m sure to many “Legally Blonde” fans, this dilemma sounds oddly familiar. No, I’m not talking about Elle Woods. This is the story of dome BEAUTY’s very own Geneva Fong.

Opposite to Elle Woods, it wasn’t law school that opened Geneva’s eyes to her true passion, but makeup. Geneva, who dubs herself a “late bloomer” to the makeup game, found a creative outlet in the artistic world of makeup that she couldn’t find in a courtroom.

“Before makeup, I was on my way to becoming a lawyer but there was always this subversive, creative side to me,” Fong said. “Makeup is such a multifaceted field—the art, the science and the business—so it always keeps me interested.”

By her senior year, Geneva found herself completely enthralled by the beauty world and started building her portfolio to display her talent. These photoshoots captured Geneva’s artistry in a way her resume full of law and advertising experience couldn’t, and it paid off in a big way through an internship for Sonia Kashuk at Target. 

With Sonia Kashuk, Geneva learned valuable lessons regarding product development, the Pantone color library and the persistence it takes to get the formulation just right. Beyond the technicalities, the internship with Kashuk helped to hone Geneva’s artistic skills and set her on a path of great success.

This success goes far beyond Geneva’s work with Kashuk. She’s worked with models from well-known agencies, including Elite, Ford and Marilyn and Major, as well as famous photographers like Antoine Verglas. Her work can be seen across a variety of platforms: from an online editorial for GQ Italia, to a campaign for Pureology Canada (L’Oreal), to CNBC, the Today Show and Fox, just to name a few. As if her portfolio wasn’t already bursting at the seams, Geneva’s even worked with some of Hollywood’s greatest names.

“I had the honor of doing makeup for Brooke Shields for an event – she’s the OG eyebrow queen and has the most infectious laugh!”

Geneva’s accomplishments certainly didn’t go unrecognized, and in October 2016, she caught the eye of dome BEAUTY.   Geneva crossed paths with dome at a beauty event and instantly, Geneva fell in love with dome’s story and products, and quickly joined the team.

“dome BEAUTY is a great fit because everything is so collaborative and I love how inclusive we try to be with our color selection,” Geneva said. “One size does not fit all in beauty and dome definitely tries to fulfill the need for colors that flatter every skin tone.

Since her time at dome, Geneva’s role has shifted towards a role as the creative director. This includes naming shades, building swatch libraries and analyzing ingredient lists. With her work history, Geneva is well-equipped to continue dome’s mission to produce makeup that is beautiful for every skin color, using her knowledge to create an inclusive array of products.

Beyond her dedication to creating products that make every person feel beautiful, Geneva also hopes to close the gap between “juggernaut” makeup brands and the average consumer. These products aren’t just for professional makeup artists, they are for everyone – from mothers, to CEOs, to students. All of these people are busy, and they need a makeup brand that understands their fast-paced lifestyle.

“There are several products on the market that are there for the sake of trend or are too complicated for the average person to use,” Geneva explained. “Instead of an obsession with trends, I want to create products that won't intimidate the average makeup consumer, products that can be used on a daily basis.”

With the help of our amazing team, including the talented Geneva Fong, we hope our carefully crafted products not only make your everyday life easier, but encourage you to be your own kind of beautiful. #ThisIsDome



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