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Who is DOME?


Our story began with an idea to provide beauty products for EVERYONE, you can wear EVERY DAY and provide you with a flawless application EVERY TIME.

WHY EVERYONE? Because we believe in inclusivity and support diversity. The dome BEAUTY family is one of diversity; race, age, gender and abilities.

Inclusivity is the pulse of dome BEAUTY starting with an extraordinary team, working with manufacturers who follow the dome model of diversity and we must also mention Miss Amazing, our philanthropic partner providing limitless opportunities for handicapped girls and women to showcase their amazing abilities!

Many claim their products are for everyone but most fall short. At dome we provide perfectly pigmented shades that are tried and true to guarantee their success for everyone.

Being inclusive is a must in today's world of beauty but let's stand out and make sure your dome products also provide healthy, clean options and solutions for your beauty needs.

At dome, clean beauty is accomplished by providing you with choices that go beyond the traditional "clean ingredients" to also include clean packaging and clean application!

Clean beauty solutions

Ingredients, Packaging & Application

Always focused on clean beauty, dome sources its ingredients through vetted raw materials providers to guarantee all our ingredients are free of cross-contamination with harmful blacklisted ingredients!

dome products are free of:
- Sulfates
- Parabens
- Phthalates
- Nanoparticle
(please refer to our "dirty list" for all banned ingredients)

Animal lovers to our core, we are always Cruelty-Free. We are also EU REACH Compliant, the European Union regulatory authority providing a higher standard of regulation and restriction on harmful ingredients than the FDA.

Now let's perfect your application, not only are dome brushes custom designed to fit the contours of your face and made of 100% synthetic fibers, our brushes are also charcoal infused to provide antimicrobial properties to combat bacterial buildup to keep every application clean and flawless.

What more can you ask for in clean beauty!

Ingredients, Packaging & Application
Be creative. Be beautiful. Be you.

Be creative. Be beautiful. Be you.

Because we are truly all about you, we won’t tell you which colors you should wear or how to wear them - that is completely up to you. We create looks as inspiration, but give you the freedom to use our products as you wish. Eye Jewels as liner or shadow, Diamond Shadows wet or dry, stand alone or put together. No rules, no expectations and no must do’s! There are no limits, just endless possibilities. Your beauty, your way.

At dome BEAUTY, we set out to accomplish something limitless and you can too! Support each other, build confidence and empower each other to succeed.

Be creative. Be beautiful. Be you.


Love yourself, love your flaws and feel good about who you are. From the subtlest application to the most dramatic effects, dome empowers you to #expressyourbeauty on the outside to reflect who you are on the inside, your own kind of beautiful.



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