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18 best eye shadow creams and sticks that don't smudge

18 best eye shadow creams and sticks that don't smudge

Makeup artists say these products are perfect for a minimalist look — here's why.

The eye shadow section in any beauty or drugstore can be overwhelming. Personally, I've been using powder eye shadow since I started playing around with makeup as a little girl, so when I look at the tubes and sticks and pots of colorful pigment in the beauty aisle, I'm a little out of my league.

But beyond my beloved powder eye shadow palettes, there's a world of cream and stick eye shadows I know nothing about. Since I love makeup, I decided it was time to branch out and learn a bit more. So I talked to Nicole Cudzilo, a national makeup artist at Vapour Beauty, and asked her what it all means.


What are cream and stick eye shadows?


Surprisingly, Cudzilo told me my powder shadows actually require more work than some of their relatives, not to mention a variety of makeup brushes. Still, they do have an upside.

"Powder shadows are great to add depth and drama to looks, or for very sculpted and perfect makeup," she explained. "Very oily eyelids will usually do better with powder shadows, unless the cream formula they choose is waterproof."

"Cream and stick shadows are perfect for an effortless makeup style that looks polished, but not like you tried too hard," Cudzilo continued. "They're ideal for minimalists or those with on-the-go lifestyles, and they apply beautifully using only the heat of your fingertips."

Cudzilo says there are all types of these shadows on the market, some that are sheer and weightless and stay dewy and emollient throughout the day and others that dry down to powder for a waterproof finish.

"Those who enjoy glowing, skin-centric and natural-looking makeup will fall in love with cream shadows," she added, "especially going into the summer season. Most skin types will be able to find a formula to suit their wants and needs and everyone will enjoy how easy it is to simply blend with their fingers and go."

6. Dome Beauty Eye Jewels 24-Hour Shadow

Quick-dry, long-lasting and non-sticky, these lightweight and highly pigmented cream shadows are perfect for all skin tones

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