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What Words Should Be Excised From Beauty?

What Words Should Be Excised From Beauty?


Uniliver has committed to remove the word "NORMAL" from it's beauty packaging.  Beauty Independent asked brand founders to comment on what other words should be excised from beauty. Here is the dome BEAUTY feature.

 Since Dome Beauty is a color cosmetics brand that focuses on unity across all skin tones, we have always been very mindful when selecting our shade names. Historically, there are a lot of common terms that have been used in the past—and, in many cases, are still being used—that are insensitive to the global beauty community.  Names that pertain to complexion such as "cocoa," "mocha," "caramel" and "chocolate" as well as the shade “nude,” which typically references lighter beige complexions versus acknowledging that each individual has their own shade of nude, perpetuate colorism.  We feel these names should be removed from use to choose more appropriate complexion shade names in the beauty industry. There are so many options that don’t have to allude to names with racial subtext, so let’s be a little imaginative and more mindful. After all, we are in the very creative industry of beauty!

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360° Clean Philosophy 

The dome BEAUTY’s mission is to provide 360° beauty solutions for a Clean Beautiful You™.  We created a brand that solidifies our commitment to make beauty more unifying while maintaining the cleanest and greenest standards. And it's not just about ingredients. Our brand is clean in all aspects, AKA 360° clean, which is exactly what it sounds like: A holistic approach to being clean in our products, packaging, application and ethics. They’re safe, eco-friendly, sustainable and inclusive for all specifically women of color.