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Healthy Habits. Healthy You.

Posted January 29, 2019 by Olivia Hetrick

Incorporating Healthy Habits Into Your Daily Routine 

It’s not too late to jumpstart your resolutions! Here are a few of our favorite health and beauty tricks which will make a huge difference in the way you feel in 2019.  As much as makeup is part of your beauty routine, it’s time to prioritize your health too.

Daily Stretching and Yoga

There is nothing more frustrating than feeling trapped inside during the Winter. We lose the opportunity to get outside and be active, which is so important for a  healthy lifestyle.

Trying to force an unrealistic workout regimen for the new year will only add unnecessary pressure to your already busy schedule.  A relaxing and motivating addition to your Winter routine is to try ten minutes of stretching or yoga in the comfort of your home. It will feel so good to get up and move your body and it will definitely be an energizing, healthy way to start or end your day.                               

Health and Wellness and Hydration

Staying hydrated is essential for good health and wellness, especially during the cold, dry winter months when we are all extremely dehydrated. Depending on our bodies and activity levels, we are supposed to drink at least 8 glasses or 64 ounces of water every day, but that can be tough given our crazy, hectic schedules. And that’s why we love Hydrus. Hydrus hydrates you better than regular water, with no sugar or calories to worry about.

Hydrus is full of electrolytes and will replenish your body with what it needs. This is one of our favorite ways at dome BEAUTY to maintain glowing skin, even in these dry Winter months. Lotions only work on the outside; hydrating from the inside is just as important for replenishing dry, dehydrated skin. Hydrus brings your skin to life and makes it smooth and soft from the inside out by really hydrating all of your body. We are offering dome BEAUTY shoppers 10% off of their first purchase with offer code “dome.” Making this change will be the most effortless way to a healthier and happier lifestyle to kick off the 2019 year!



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