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How does a Black Gel Eyeliner Rank in the Sea of Eyeliner Options?

How does a Black Gel Eyeliner Rank in the Sea of Eyeliner Options?

From waterproof gel pencils to all-day color ‘tattoo’ liners, the eyeliner options out there seem as plentiful as dates on Tinder. How’s a person to choose? We turned to our expert, Creative Director, Geneva Fong, for her advice and a little history.


  1. Let’s start with a classic, the Eyeliner Pencil. The earliest eyeliners were believed to be used in 10,000 BC for definition and as a way to protect the skin around the eyes from the sun. Kohl, a mixture of galena and other minerals, was the first formula of eyeliner. Today, its versatility is unmatched—use it for the waterline, tight-lining, and if you have a sharp tip or can edit with a sharp edges q-tip, even a cat-eye. “The rich pigment and the primarily wax-based formula are great for blending, smudging and building up pigment,” our Creative Director Geneva Fong says. The texture allows for greater control and, with super soft formulas, you can apply the eyeliner with a small eyeshadow brush and apply all over the lid for a translucent eyeshadow.

If you have eyelash extensions, try to stay away from wax-based pencils as they interfere with the lash glue and shorten the lifespan of your lashes.

  1. What about Twist-up Eyeliner? A super travel-friendly option since no sharpener is needed. The twist-up applicator allows for control of your application and the formula delivers powerful pigmented results. The soft tip is very waterline friendly and this is the best option for a soft blended lashline.  A bonus to the twist-up liner, many have a built-in smudger for a quick and easy smokey eye.


  1. If you’re looking to achieve that high-precision look (graphic line, cat or winged eyeliner), opt for Liquid Eyeliners. When it comes to staying power, liquid eyeliners are the ultimate liners. With a high precision tip, just one stroke can achieve an opaque line that lasts all day. Application is a bit of a learning curve but proper “editing” can clean up any mistakes. “Take a cosmetic q-tip and dip it in micellar water. Use the micellar water-dipped edge to clean up any mistakes or to clean up the line,” says Geneva. Most liquid liners brushes are made up of fine hairs, similar to calligraphy brushes that allow for fine strokes. The only downside is that these eyeliners can dry out after a few months so there’s a constant need to replace.
  1. The Felt Tip Eyeliner simplifies the liquid-like liner in the form of a felt tip pen. The felt tip pen provides more control and a greater output of color.Felt tip pens come in all sizes and shaped tips depending on your desired result.Fine tip pens are perfect for crafting your cat eye with control and dense pigment. The wider tip pens provide options for more dramatic designs and level of intensity. 
  1. Let’s not forget about the dual-purpose Eyeshadow as Eyeliner.What we love about this is the need for only one product.The drawback to this option is not all eyeshadow provide acceptable liner options with their eyeshadow. 

The dome BEAUTY diamond shadowis perfect to meet your eyeliner needs. The rich pigment of our Diamond Shadow Black Onyx is ideal for applying as a liner. Using a wet dome BEAUTY smokey eyeliner brush or angled eyeliner and dip it into the eyeshadow to create a smooth line. Build up the intensity as needed. Our shadows can be applied wet or dry providing subtle to defined lines when used as eyeliner. This is perfect for traveling, especially when you’ve left your eyeliner at home.    

Our eye jewels double as an eyeliner and are simple to apply using your favorite eyeliner brush. 


  1. Gel Eyeliners, the notable Black Gel Eyeliners provide multitasking options when crafting your eye look. Black Gel Eyeliners are the cornerstone to eye lining. If you have issues controlling liquid eyeliner, a gel eyeliner is a better option for creating a cat-eye. Use your favorite eyeliner brush like the dome smokey eyeliner brush to achieve that sultry smokey eye or an angle liner brush to achieve the perfect cat-eye.

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