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Best Things about Summer are Gold

Best Things about Summer are Gold

All the best things about summer are gold: a perfectly-roasted, golden-brown marshmallow, sparklers on Fourth of July, and a bouquet of fresh-cut sunflowers. While we cherish these golden summer staples because they remind us of nights spent telling scary stories by the campfire, grilling burgers in the backyard, and catching fireflies at dusk, we can all agree that the best golden proof of a summer well spent is an all-over tan and shiny, sun-kissed highlights.


Summer is all about achieving that perfect glow! Unfortunately, keeping up with a 9-5 means forfeiting a summer of lounging by the pool for a summer of office meetings, florescent lighting, and daydreaming about lounging by the pool. Luckily, our summer look is dripping in gold, so you can channel your inner beach goddess all summer long!

 Image: Bethany Colburn Model: Valbona Bakiu Makeup: Geneva Fong

The rich bronze and gold pigments of our Eye Jewel in 24K Gold, accented by our Metallic Diamond Eye Shadows in Brazen Bronze and Gold Dust, will give you that sought-after summer glow. The shimmer of these golden, glittery shadows will have you looking bright, healthy, and rejuvenated and leave people wondering if you’ve been skipping working to get toned, tan, fit and ready for the beach this summer!

 This look is perfect for the summer months because our 24K Gold eye jewel glides on the eyelid and doesn’t flake off in the hot sun. Apply our Diamond Shadows in Brazen Bronze and Gold Dust to add depth, highlight the sparkle of the eye jewel, and add more glitter. Finally, apply our gel eye liner and our beloved magnetic mascara to tie it all together!We love pairing this look with a brightly colored outfit to highlight its golden tones and draw extra focus to the shimmer on our eyes. 


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