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Brush Basics: 3 Brushes to Up Your Eyeshadow Game

Brush Basics: 3 Brushes to Up Your Eyeshadow Game


With so many makeup brushes available on the market, it’s overwhelming to choose which ones work right for you. From the huge selection of natural hair brushes (blue squirrel, anyone?) to synthetic, it’s tough out there. While your fingers can work great for that 5-min morning rush foundation application, things get a little more complicated when it comes to powder blushes and eyeshadow.

Having the appropriate brush makes all the difference, especially for detailed eye looks. That’s why we’ve created an ongoing series to choose the best makeup brushes, starting with Eye Brushes! Read on to find out more.


Texture and Density

Basic things to keep in mind when looking for a makeup brush is the texture and density of the brush: full, dense brushes are great for full coverage while soft fluffy brushes are great for blending or taking away excess makeup if you’ve applied too much.

Synthetic vs Natural

There’s an ongoing debate over synthetic brushes vs natural. Natural hair brushes are known for their porous nature and pick up powders really well due to these properties. Synthetic makeup brush hairs, first developed by DuPont with Taklon fibers, have a smoother follicle that’s great at applying cream, liquid or oil products. These Taklon fibers have come a long way and manufacturers can apply a texture to synthetic hair brushes to mimic the porous nature of natural hair brushes. Taklon is also biodegradable! 😉

From an ethical standpoint, it can be difficult to ensure if natural hair brushes are cruelty-free. Natural hair brushes are also not vegan and at dome BEAUTY, we strive to make sure our products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Common makeup brushes mistakes:

  1. Not cleaning your brushes: Good brushes are an investment! Take care of your investment by cleaning your brushes as often as once a day or once a week. Makeup buildup and bacteria are not only unhygienic but they can damage hair bristles or cause acne.
  1. The wrong brush: While some brushes are designed to multitask, most are for specific areas. Makeup is all about placement and blending so a brush that’s too small for the eye will make blending difficult while a brush that’s too large might place color in the wrong areas. 
  1. Too much pressure: too much pressure on a brush can result in a cakey effect. Layering with a light hand and taking baby steps to full coverage is best. Warm cream or liquid product up in your hands first before applying it to your face for better absorption.

Eye Brushes

 How to select the correct eye brush set?

With all the innovations in makeup brushes, things can get confusing. Do I really need this? When you pare it down, the answer is yes.  Of course, the proper tools in the right places  can help get you there. Here are a few tricks to try out while shopping for an eye brush set.

  1. The swipe test. Before buying, swipe that brush against your hand to see how it feels against your skin. Soft brushes are great for blending while denser brushes are better for full coverage application.
  2. Examine the bristles. A brush with bone straight hairs is ideal for creams, liquids and oils whereas a brush with little waves or a textured look will be better for powder products.
  3. The more detailed the look, the smaller the eye brushes get with each step. Flat eyeshadow brushes are ideal for lid color application. Crease brushes are great for transition shades while fluffy “pencil” brushes are meant for outer “V” corner application. Large fluffy brushes like our Eye Blender Brush are great at overall blending.


Our Eye Brush Set

 dome BEAUTY offers charcoal-infused cruelty-free brushes designed around our 360 degree clean ethos.

 Our Cruelty-Free Eye Brush Set is designed to provide a seamless application to create and enhance any eye look. The synthetic hairs make cleaning a breeze while the anti-microbial properties of the charcoal help keep germs at bay.

 The Eye Brush Set is a pack of three brushes that include our Eye Blender Brush, Eye Shadow Brush & Eye Liner Brush.

Eye Blender Brush:Heaven in a brush. The soft bristles and fluffy brush head make this ideal for blending out eyeshadow. Applied a dark eyeshadow color too close to the brow bone? Blend it out. Eyeshadow looking patchy? Blend it out with our Eye Blender Brush.

Eye Shadow Brush: Our densely packed brush is great at applying accent shadow to the crease or for our Eye Jewels. The synthetic hairs make cleaning easy so you can use it again and again. Dab the brush in our Eye Jewel and sweep the color gently across the lid. To finish the look blend the crease with the color at the corner. 

Eye Liner Brush: The tapered and flexible brush head of our Eye Liner Brush makes application a breeze.

When it comes to flawless beauty, makeup brushes are paramount. Our makeup brushes are 100% synthetic with texture so they’re both easy to clean and pick up both powder and cream products with ease. Their heavenly textures are great at creating any eye look.

 Now that you’ve got the basics, check out our brushes and tools here.

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