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Glimmer and shine! Shimmer and pop!

Glimmer and shine! Shimmer and pop!

The holidays are all about that extra glow. That’s why dome BEAUTY is so excited to be launching our new highlighter this holiday season! Our Luminary Glow Highlighter Powder is an ultra-light pressed vegan powder highlighter. Featuring a smooth texture that makes blending effortless, our highlighter provides a silky finish that melts into your skin. This is thanks to the Argan Oil, which is full of packed omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and linoleic acids, providing moisture and hydration to the skin upon application. With a sheer to light coverage, this highlighter will give your skin a youthful luminescence without the guilt of dirty ingredients.

As you know, sustainability is one of our core components, and we’re so pleased to announce that one of the best things about our highlighter is the packaging. Our new highlighter compact is 100% Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.  It is made out of Rice Husk Powder and Polypropylene (PP).  Recycling rice husk helps rice farmers deal with the waste and pollution that comes with disposing of the husks, that otherwise would be thrown away.  Also, the eco-profile of PP provides a lower environmental impact than that of the various other plastic materials. PP is 100% recyclable! The boxes our highlighters go into are made from FSC paper preserving our forests and plant-based ink increasing their biodegradability. How’s that for eco friendly? 

 Because we’re so excited to launch our highlighter very, very soon, we wanted to share some different ways you can wear it. A lot of people see highlighter and just think oh! Cheekbones. While that is definitely a go to way to wear highlighter, here are a few more that’ll have you shimmering and shining in all the best ways!

High Points of the Face

Okay, this is the classic way to wear highlighter. Cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupid’s bow, and brow bone. If you dust on a little highlighter in these areas, it will make your face look lifted and fresh, defining your features in the best of ways. 

Inner corner

You can always use an eye shadow as an inner corner highlight, but sometimes highlighter works even better. Since our highlighter is buildable and smooth, you can keep adding it to the inner corner of your eye until you get the desired glowing effect you were looking for. This method of applying highlighter really opens up the eyes and makes them look bigger and younger.

As Eyeshadow

Sometimes your eyeshadow can use a little highlight too! All you have to do is dab a little bit of highlighter to the center of your lid. This adds more dimension to your eye look and makes your eyes look brighter. Not to mention it makes it look like there were a lot more complicated steps involved to making your eyeshadow look and blend like that! This is definitely a quick and easy way to elevate your eyeshadow game.

Ombre Frosted Lips

This one is a personal fave! Since our highlighter is neutral toned with a bit of rosy gold, it looks stunning if put on the center of your lips over some lipstick. All you have to do is gently tap the highlighter onto the center of your lips and blend outwards with a different finger. This works beautifully and gives you a subtle ombre effect while also making your lips look plumper. 

We hope you’re as excited as we are for our Luminary Glow Highlighter Powder launch! Keep your eyes peeled for a release date. We can’t wait to see all the wonderful ways you guys will rock our highlighter, glimmering and shining all holiday season!

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The dome BEAUTY’s mission is to provide 360° beauty solutions for a Clean Beautiful You™.  We created a brand that solidifies our commitment to make beauty more unifying while maintaining the cleanest and greenest standards. And it's not just about ingredients. Our brand is clean in all aspects, AKA 360° clean, which is exactly what it sounds like: A holistic approach to being clean in our products, packaging, application and ethics. They’re safe, eco-friendly, sustainable and inclusive for all specifically women of color.