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March Makeup Madness - Shades for Every Eye Color

March Makeup Madness - Shades for Every Eye Color

 Which Eyeshadow is Best for You?

Are you on the hunt for the perfect eyeshadow to really make your eyes pop? Our eyes are the most unique and alluring features on our face, so it’s important to know what makeup can really make them glow. The secret of makeup is knowing which colors look best with your individual features. There are endless colors to choose from, so we created a guide telling you which of our Diamond Shadows is best for you!

Brown Eyes    

Brown eyes are the most versatile color to work with because every eyeshadow looks beautiful on them. Even though every color will work, our Diamond Shadow in Sienna Stone is our favorite for our brown eye beauties to bring out the red or gold tones. This warm eyeshadow will intensify the undertones behind your eyes and make them even more captivating.


Blue Eyes  

Blue eyes will pop with anything similar to orange or red, so our shade Gold Dust is the perfect wearable shade to brighten your baby blues. Your eyes will be brighter than the ocean from this contrast and enchant everyone around you!


Green Eyes   

If you are one of the rare people with green eyes, Iced Amethyst is the perfect purple to really make your eyes glow. This deep amethyst shade contrasts the light colors in green eyes and makes them even brighter.

Hazel Eyes

If you have hazel eyes, our Amber Legend shade is the perfect color to bring out the green and orange tints in your eyes. The golden brown tones behind this shadow will compliment the undertones in hazel eyes and really make them pop. 

All of you have eyes that are individually beautiful and by using this guide you can make them even more alluring. Putting on one of these eyeshadows with eyeliner or even just mascara will be the quickest way to add some glitter and make your eyes glow.


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