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Killer Makeup Trends for Fall

Killer Makeup Trends for Fall

Hello, autumn! We’re so happy that it’s finally cozy season. It’s the season of sweaters, beanies, pumpkin spice everything, and most importantly… Killer makeup trends! Seriously, fall is one of the best seasons for makeup. You’ve got fresh faced beauty when you’re all bundled up and on the go, creative masterpieces for halloween, and breathtaking glam for the holidays. Literally a makeup lover’s paradise. Check out this guide for some of our fall makeup trend faves!

  1. Graphic liner

 Okay, so we all know the whole month of October is basically Halloween. And halloween  means creative makeup! Whether you’re going all out with the SFX looks, or just want to elevate your daily look with something more out there, now’s the time to do it! One of the most versatile makeup trends this works with is graphic liner! Take your gel or liquid liner and apply it onto your lids in cool shapes or contours instead of a classic wing! You could try an outline of winged liner, or a twiggy inspired look. These are easy enough to do, and casual enough to wear on a day to day basis! Check out our black gel eyeliner to acheive this look!

  1. Rosy Blush

Flushed cheeks were a big trend in the summer, and they’re here to stay— with some slight modifications! While summer blush was all about making you look more tan and sunkissed, this fall’s favorite trend is to make your cheeks rosy and bright! Almost like how you look on a nice cold day, all bundled up and drinking hot cocoa. To acheive this look, gently apply a cool toned reddish pink blush on the tip of your nose and on your cheeks, making sure to blend very well. A little goes a long way! Try our Cheek Envy blush in shade “Moroccan Silk” to help you perfect your rosy cheeks!

  1. Lashes for days

Sometimes when the weather’s getting a bit chillier, our skin gets dry and putting on lots of makeup isn’t always our best friend. But don’t fear! A fresh face is a fall classic, especially if you just pair it with a sweep of blush and mascara. Sometimes less really is more! Use our lengthening Black Magic Mascara for skyscraper lashes. Here’s a pro tip: Apply one coat to the first eye, then while it dries, apply a coat to the other one. Then continue adding more layers of mascara in this pattern till you achieve the length and volume you want. Our formula is meant to be buildable so you control how you want your lashes to look. 

  1. Warm tones and sparkles

 One of our personal favorite trends is the warm tones and sparkle combo! We love a reddish bronze eyeshadow look with a pop of sparkle or shine in the center. These looks are perfect for the holiday season! Start with a brownish orange shade and blend it all over the lid, and go in with a deeper reddish brown in the crease, blending outwards. You can use our Diamond Shadows in shades “Gold Dust” all over the lid, and “Brazen Bronze” in the crease. Top off the look with a hint of sparkle in the center of the lid! The best way to do this is to use our Eye Jewel in shade “24K Gold”. The Eye Jewel is a sparkly, jelly shadow that has great pigmentation and will make the whole look pop!

  1. Bright inner corner


This is kind of a classic go to, but none the less, we love it during the holidays! Brighten any eye look you create by adding a light eyeshadow to the inner corner! It makes your eyes look bigger and more doe like! Perfect for when you’re covered in hats, scarves and masks, because your eyes will stick out more! For this look, use our Metallic Diamond Shadow in shade “Pink Prism”, or you can preorder our highlighter! dome Beauty’s newest addition to the family will be a spectacular highlighter that goes on smooth and has buildable coverage shine. Perfect for an inner corner highlight! More on this soon!

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