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Our Love of Earth Day

Our Love of Earth Day

All of our favorite things come from the earth: Our pets that we know and love. The delicious food that we eat every day. The breathtaking oceans and mountains that we travel thousands of miles to see. That’s why Earth Day is our favorite holiday here at dome BEAUTY! We love the awareness and initiatives for a cleaner, greener planet that Earth Day brings, but more importantly, we find it important to make sure we do our job to be green every day of the year, not just April 22nd. Here are some of the ways we give back to our planet every single day.

Carbon Neutral Commitment 

We know you’re looking for a clean beauty brand that takes this into consideration before you make your beauty purchases. We also know clean beauty is more than just clean ingredients.Dome’s latest addition towards our sustainability commitment is partnering with Clovery to neutralize our carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases that are created or released from your day to day actions. For example, if you drive your car to work every day, your car releases carbon dioxide which adds to your carbon footprint. In efforts to reduce pollution, individuals and companies can try neutralizing their carbon footprints and the harm caused by the gases our activities release. That is where Cloverly comes in!

Cloverly is a platform that determines and buys carbon offsets to neutralize the carbon footprints of individuals and companies. Essentially they estimate our carbon footprint, match the impact with a local carbon offsetting project (a project meant to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere), perform the offset, and then return the data to us! 

Our new partnership with this amazing organization allows us to make sure we are doing our part to be carbon neutral and offer you the opportunity to be part of our sustainability movement.  So essentially, with this partnership, all the products you buy from us will be guilt free because dome will pay for it to be carbon neutral! Hooray for new makeup and keeping the world green on every day, not just earth day!

Cleaner and Greener 

We are focused on making your entire journey with dome BEAUTY the cleanest and greenest it can be. Now that your purchases are carbon neutral, let’s talk about how we ship your purchases to you. That includes the materials we use when shipping your products. Without further ado, we are excited to announce the launch of ournew eco-friendly mailers!  These new shipping mailers are what eco-friendly dreams are made of. They’re the most environmentally friendly mailers on the market, and they’re made in the US! 

These mailers are made of recycled materials, they are 100% recyclable themselves and they’re also reusable!  What we love the most is the versatility of these mailers.  Featuring a handy tear strip, they’re super easy to open— which we love because who isn’t excited to open new makeup and just wants to tear the packing apart? Our absolute favorite part is that they use a dual self seal adhesive strip for closure which allows for reuse of the bags themselves. They’re great to reuse if you need to ship something out, store makeup, or hold all the little knick knacks in that one cabinet drawer (yes, we all have one). 

Recycle - Recycle - Recycle 

 It must be said that recycling is the cornerstone of being eco-conscious, and dome BEAUTY is all for it! We continue to grow and maintain our partnership with Terracycle by donating our old makeup units in exchange for cash back which is then invested into various environmental causes. So far, we have recycled over 3,000 pieces of cosmetic packaging. In return we have: planted 10 trees in an area of the world most in need of reforestation, removed 1 ton of carbon from the atmosphere and protected one acre of rainforest for a year and provided one year of drinking water for five people amongst many others

Recycling is very important to us, and we hope it is to everyone in the rest of the dome community as well. Here are a few ways we make it easier for you to recycle as consumers.

Our packaging aligns with our commitment to be sustainable. The product boxes we use are made from FSC paper, which is paper made from wood fibers that are sourced ethically and responsibly. Ultimately, this helps preserve our forests. The ink we use to color our boxes is plant based, increasing their biodegradability.

We are always striving to utilize packaging that is made out of the most eco-friendly materials and absolutely love the new options in packaging we use! These include PCR plastic, sugar cane/wood fiber tubes, or Rice Husk Powder and PP. In fact, our newest lip gloss tubes and highlighter compacts are made from Rice Husk Powder and PP!

Recycling rice husk helps rice farmers ethically deal with their waste issues and the pollution that occurs with the disposal of these husks. Utilizing these rice husks means using a vegetal material without cutting plants and impacting the planet's green reserves. With this, you also have a reduction in carbon dioxide and zero deforestation. PP, on the other hand, stands for Polypropylene, and is a thermoplastic with a lower environmental impact than that of the various other plastic materials and is 100% recyclable and we love to recycle!

In order to extend our commitment to sustainability into our community, we will give you $5 off your next dome BEAUTY purchase if you send us your old cosmetic packaging from any brand! And if you don’t want to send us your packaging, that’s okay! We just hope you can join us in making sustainability an everyday, conscious part of our lifestyle. It’s as easy as being aware of the products we purchase and how they’re made, as well as making sure to recycle on our own. Happy Earth Day, and we hope you’re proud to be part of a beauty community that keeps our planet glowing too!   

(Please email recycle@domebeauty.com for your $5 off code.)

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360° Clean Philosophy 

The dome BEAUTY’s mission is to provide 360° beauty solutions for a Clean Beautiful You™.  We created a brand that solidifies our commitment to make beauty more unifying while maintaining the cleanest and greenest standards. And it's not just about ingredients. Our brand is clean in all aspects, AKA 360° clean, which is exactly what it sounds like: A holistic approach to being clean in our products, packaging, application and ethics. They’re safe, eco-friendly, sustainable and inclusive for all specifically women of color.