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“Snatched” comedians break the boundaries on what it means to be beautiful in Hollywood

“Snatched” comedians break the boundaries on what it means to be beautiful in Hollywood

In “Snatched,” comedy’s leading ladies teamed up to tell the tale of a mother-daughter duo kidnapped while on vacation, and it had us laughing until the very end. Amy Schumer, Hollywood’s hottest female comedian, joined comedy legend Goldie Hawn in this movie of a vacation to South America gone awry following Schumer (Emily’s) breakup. Schumer, who hit the big screen last with her movie “Trainwreck,” maintained her quick, raunchy humor while Hawn returned to the screen for the first time in 15 years as a Schumer’s worried mother. Whether the movie had you in stitches or not, “Snatched” marked the return of one of comedy’s greatest.


Where has Goldie Hawn been since her last movie, “The Banger Sisters,” debuted in 2002? For the last 15 years Hawn has turned her attention to her family and her program, MindUP. But that’s not the only reason Hawn has been absent from the spotlight. Hawn has explained in recent interviews that the older women in Hollywood get, fewer dynamic and interesting roles are offered. Hawn explained Hollywood’s ageism, stating, “every woman hits a certain age, every woman has to face it, that’s the way it goes and I really am not a sit-around-and-wait-for-the-phone-to-ring person.” You wouldn’t think that an actress as successful as Goldie Hawn would struggle for roles, but she’s not alone in this – other actresses such as Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Patricia Arquette and “Sex and the City’s” Kim Cattrall have reported the same ageism as the reason for their hiatus. However, Amy Schumer’s determination to have Goldie Hawn in “Snatched” brought the legend back to the screen, no matter Hollywood’s expectations.


Amy Schumer knew instantly when she read the “Snatched” script that Goldie Hawn was perfect for the role, and Schumer held nothing back in her attempts to get Hawn on board. While on a flight, Schumer bumped into Hawn and asked her to act in the movie as her mother, and while Hawn didn’t take her seriously at the time, a few months later Schumer’s persistence paid off. While Schumer fought for the return of Goldie Hawn, Schumer’s own presence in Hollywood hasn’t always been a walk in the park either. Schumer has been outspoken about beauty standards in the movie-making business, advocating for a positive body image despite the pressure to be thin. Schumer feels good about her own image and says the proof is in the box office, stating in an interview with USA Today, “What’s cool is that people show up and people buy tickets and that’s where the proof is…I’m not someone that (people) need to be prettiest or the thinnest girl. And I feel really lucky because I’m like ‘Oh, I can have both. Like, I’m not hungry, and I feel good and I can work.’” Schumer is not only empowered by what makes her different from the other names we see on the big screen, but her frankness and acceptance of who she is helps to simultaneously encourage other women around her to practice the same kind of confidence.


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