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What is 360 Beauty?

What is 360 Beauty?

There are so many beauty brands to choose from and since clean beauty continues to be defined we thought we would share a few details about dome BEAUTY you may not be aware of.  
At dome BEAUTY our mission for clean beauty and unity is paramount to who we are as a brand and woven into everything we do. We accomplish this mission with our 360° approach to beauty focused on these 4 key areas:

Products – Packaging – Application – Unity

Products:  Products are the backbone to dome.  We strive to provide the best quality-clean ingredients so you know when you see dome BEAUTY you can count on us to provide clean, high performing products.  Our baseline with regards to clean ingredients is to be EU REACH compliant.  We love the fact that the EU bans over 1,300 ingredients compared to the US which only bans approximately 30.  But this is only the beginning of our clean voyage.  We are also Credo, Sephora, HSN/QVC clean. In addition to being clean we also infuse all our products with skin loving ingredients to provide skin-care inspired benefits which we all love and need.

Packaging: Let’s face it, the beauty industry as a whole has quite a bit of waste when it comes to packaging, both product packaging, and unit carton packaging.  At dome BEAUTY we search for partners who provide eco-friendly primary packaging such as re-fillable pumps (get ready we’re working on foundation), rice husk compacts, paper palettes (palettes are coming too), and PCR materials which have an array of uses.  We didn’t stop there, in 2019  we transitioned to using FSC (forest stewardship council) biodegradable paper and soy or food-grade ink on our external boxes.  This combination alone shows how serious we are to be eco-friendly but we didn’t stop there.  We have also partnered with TerraCycle♻️ to offer a robust recycling program where we recycle old or empty cosmetic packaging from any brand so save all your old shampoo bottles, cleansers and lotion bottles, along with any of your makeup packaging to have us recycle it for you. To truly be considered a clean beauty brand we feel it's mandatory to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the Earth. 

Application: This is where it all began for dome BEAUTY.  Fun Fact: When developing our custom brushes, we took a 3-Dimensional approach in our design to guarantee our brushes fit perfectly into the contours of your face making our custom-designed brushes dome-shaped, hence how we came up with our cleaver name dome BEAUTY!  Our name is not the only important part of our desire to deliver a clean application. We also infused our brushes with charcoal to provide anti-microbial properties to help keep each application clean in between use. Lastly, we know brushes are an investment, so our brushes come with the added benefit of a brush bodyguard - brush cover.  These covers are our very own “patent pending” design which hugs the brush when not in use protecting the fibers while also keep the brush clean from dust, dirt, and product residue from other brushes in your kit.  These covers are made of a very versatile and washable neoprene/spandex fabric made to last and protect your brushes for years to come.

Unity:  dome BEAUTY was founded with one mission, to provide clean beauty products for everyone, inclusive of all genders, ages, ethnicities and abilities.  We believe clean beauty should be available to everyone, so we develop our products and shades to do just that.  We incorporate the correct pigments for the right pop of color and really focus on adding undertones to make our shades work for everyone inclusive of all skin tones. Our mission of Unity is woven into everything we do, the people we work with, the companies we hire, the organizations we sponsor and the models we use. You will find this representation highlighted in our marketing efforts and social media presence. Unity comes with open arms and dome BEAUTY’s arms are always open for a Clean Beautiful You!

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360° Clean Philosophy 

The dome BEAUTY’s mission is to provide 360° beauty solutions for a Clean Beautiful You™.  We created a brand that solidifies our commitment to make beauty more unifying while maintaining the cleanest and greenest standards. And it's not just about ingredients. Our brand is clean in all aspects, AKA 360° clean, which is exactly what it sounds like: A holistic approach to being clean in our products, packaging, application and ethics. They’re safe, eco-friendly, sustainable and inclusive for all specifically women of color.